keksz About Us

Natalia Peter and Szabolcs Urban - we are the brainchilders, designers and manufacturers of Sajátsüti. The idea popped out of nowhere in 2018. We happend to found ourselves in front of a 3D printer. We could not imagine what it could be used for.

One of our friends makes soaps and uses cookie cutters to decorate them. She did not really find one that suited her own ideas.
That was when the idea came, why not to try to print one? We designed our first cutter for her. The first official cookie cutter was given to the Pertamondta girls, who make gastronomy gifts. They helped us a lot in testing the first pieces, and they give us the perfect biscuit recipe, too.

Then we made some cutters for ourselves, for our family, and for our friends as well. After experimenting the size, shape, and thicknesses of lines, we decided that these cutters could be used by others as well. We took a deep breath and launched our Facebook page. We were most surprised when we got the first interest on the first day. Little by little, we became known, at first among our friends, then among their friends. Today, one can choose from hundreds of our products, but we are also looking forward to fulfilling unique ideas.